Thursday, 3 November 2011

Movement and Change, Life and Death

Change is the evidence surrounding us that shows that what we perceive something to be is false, our perception is always clouded by thoughts of the perceived.

The thing is you can't remove thought from perception, what you can do though is see the falsity of it, by noticing the constant change in environment and in "yourself", you'll see that nothing's ever static, everything is in constant change.

Truth cannot change, anything that changes is false, and everything around you changes, actually everything you are aware of changes.

Except one thing, empty space.

The space in which everything exists is true, that empty space is life itself, the void.

You can't grasp the void, but staring at the void long enough means the destruction of false patterns.

I prefer calling the void death, because that's what it really is, death, it's what you fear the most.

It's the death of all belief and all what you think you know about life, because all patterns of thought are in constant change, once you think of something the thought would have already changed by the time you are aware of it.

Think what it would be like if you were dead, there would be no sound to hear, no object to see, no taste to taste, no breath, no experience, nothing, that is the nothing that I am pointing at.

And that's the only truth you will ever find, emptiness, death.

That's what life is, death, there is no such thing as your life it's just the mind making up stories because it doesn't want to accept the reality of death, the fact is that you are afraid of death, and you don't want to accept it.

You are already empty, and all of your thoughts are not true, they're just thoughts, and all thoughts are the added illusion derived from perception, thoughts are the distortion of reality.

There are almost infinite amount of layers we have added to cover up the emptiness that's the very core of our lives, we've covered it up beautifully and we've deluded ourselves into thinking that these layers are not actually see through.

But the truth is death, and it's right infront of our faces, death is in everything and everywhere, as soon as you are aware of this moment this moment would have died, nothing is what you think it is, reality isn't what you want it to be, because what you want it to be isn't true, and the you that thinks and wants doesn't exist.

You will never be free until you have accepted the reality that you don't exist, and that everything around you is distorted by beliefs and false thought patterns, none of your beliefs are true, none of your thoughts are true, and you hate might that, because you know what that means, it means finding out the truth, it means the end of you.

But you never really had begun in order to end.

Accept death, what do you have to lose anyway? the only thing that dies is a lie, the only thing that goes through it is true, and nothing survives death. It's already everywhere.

Death is the core of existence.

"In order to live you must die"

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