Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Enlightened Analogies

1) The Movie Analogy:

Your life is like a movie, you exist inside this movie as an actor playing out a part, you don't control which or what role you play, you and everyone else are controlled by nothing.

You exist only as an actor in this movie, and so does everyone else, nobody actually exists for real, it's all just an act. All the concepts that exist inside the movie are fake, they're just for the show, there is nothing of importance in it, there is only the fake show of importance.

That means your mother, your father, your friends, me, you, are all just images, we're  not actually real.

2) The Game Analogy:

Life is like a first person shooter game played by nobody, the body and mind that you call you is just a mind body that plays an imaginary role in the game, it's the imaginary main role.

Anything and everything that you gain, or lose in the game is just part of the game, the game is one thing and is happening as one thing, there is no actual separation in the game since it's the same game, it's the ONLY game, nothing else exists outside of this, it's all that's there, it's your direct experience of reality.

All concepts inside the game are just concepts, there are no actual people, there are no actual losses, gains, there is no happiness, sadness, love, hate, emotion, all of these things are only illusions that play out a role that you add to who you think you are.

The main character in the game is you, but you are not real, you are just imaginary, you don't actually exist.

The Dream Analogy:

Life is just a dream, there is no dreamer dreaming it, because the thought that there is a "do-er" to anything is just a thought that came up within the dream.

No thoughts, no concepts are the actual real things in the dream, there is only one dream and it's this one, the one you are experiencing right now, only that you don't really exist, that's just another idea, another thought that you don't control, because you're not the one that's dreaming, nobody is because nobody exists.

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Machine

I wouldn't call the human body/mind a machine, I think that the word "machine" fails to deliver the mechanism that is the human being.

A machine would require some sort of man made input, it doesn't just operate on it's own, saying that the human is a machine (or robot) is giving the impression that we are slaves, that there's always something or someone behind the body putting in input.

Well it's close, the human organism really is a complex being, and in fact it is on automatic, it really is doing it's thing.

But here's the thing.

There's nobody controlling it, there's nobody providing the input.

The only input it gets is from it's own environment, without the environment there would be no human body, and vice-versa .

"But who's doing life then? There MUST be someone behind all this, otherwise this wouldn't make any sense whatsoever".

Is that true?

How do you know it wouldn't make any sense? how do you know whether what you think as "sensible" is true or just a load of horseshit? really, how do you know?

You've been conditioned since you were born to think that way, it wasn't your conditioning, it was society's conditioning, so how can you be sure that your pattern of thought is the right one?

Just because everybody thinks that way doesn't make everybody right, actually, it's pushed everybody down the dark black well of delusion, and you're part of it.

The truth is that it's not true, there is nothing doing life, there is no God sitting on a gigantic throne looking down on people and writing their life plan on a piece of paper.

Cause and effect, it's flawed.

We think that since there's a body doing shit, then there must be something doing it, and in the same way we think that since everything around us exists, then there must be some magnificent entity doing that.

We created a false story, and we became slaves to our own imagination.

Life exists as it is there is no doer of life.

Then if there is no doer to this body, am I just a robot?

Two points:
1st point is that there is no you to be a robot, anything you label as you is just a content of thought that has no substance in reality since it is a mere projection of the brain.

2nd point is, the human organism is not a robot, a robot doesn't feel, a robot doesn't create illusion, a robot doesn't imagine shit and just blindly believe it, only humans can do that, and they do a fantastic job in it.

The human experience is an automation, environment affects body and stimulates it, that stimulation moves the body, makes the mind aware.

But it's all happening on it's own, and we don't exist in it.

Take a look.

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Check Your Chicken Bones ( On Physical Pain)

Today I had a real insight to the condition of the mind towards pain, turns out that pain is just a feeling, but what is it that defines whether that feeling is "pain" or "pig tails" (Pig tails doesn't make much sense does it?) ?

I was having lunch and as I normally do I just gulp the food down, if I'm concentrating on something else sometimes I forget to chew, and that was the case today.

A thin broken chicken bone got stuck 3/4 way down my throat, you could imagine the annoying pain that would create.

The thing is I didn't know what to do, whether to keep swallowing like a drain pipe or try throwing up, the bone was stuck and the uncomfortable, blood spitting, dilemma caused alot of anxiety and distress.

I decided to go to the nearest hospital. I came into the doctor's room where he pulled my tongue out and stuck a mirror down my throat to check where the bone is.

"There's no bone" he said, "It's gone down".

That really got me confused, It really felt as though something was blocking the passageway in my throat, or was that just an illusion?

Here's what happened in reality:
There were feelings coming out of the throat, signals sent to the brain indicating that there is something in the throat that needs to be taken care of, the parts of the brian responsible for analysis went frantic, the brain tried to analyse the signals into something "understandable" or "me related" and translated the signals in terms "there's a peice of bone in my throat". The brain believes it's own false analysis and starts panicking causing symptoms of anxiety and tension in the body.

But after a while the bone had passed the throat, why was it then that I was so convinced that the bone was still there?

Because the story was taken to be true without checking, once that happens the belief is assumed to be right until something else proves it wrong, I just wanted an excuse for the pain, a "reason"

Once the doctor pointed out that there is no bone, and that it was swallowed down a while ago, it just showed how much I was just holding onto that image, reinforcing the pain, as though I wanted it to happen, as if the image was true.

But the image was never true, it's just something that turns normal and natural bodily signals sent to the brain into "me" and "my pain", the image contributes to the story of "me".

I'm not saying that the image wasn't there in reality, it was, and at the time it felt really true, but it was just a feeling, when reality strikes again, everything comes back to place, and you see what it really was, just an Image.

That's what pain is actually, the suffering that comes from pain is all made up, it's a story attached to a feeling, next time you get a serious injury or some illness, instead of automatically being immersed in the story of "your suffering" look at what's happening.

And just a word of advice....

Check your chicken bones.


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Monday, 12 September 2011

The Play of Life

Are you good enough? smart enough? happy enough? fulfilled enough? attractive enough? And the questions go on.

Society is a playground, where masks are worn and roles are played out, and depending on how good you play your role you get rewarded accordingly.

In actual reality there is no self, therefore your personality, or better put, the set of thoughts that are called "you" are illusory, it's just a mask that's worn to be able to participate in this play ground as a role, but behind the mask there is nothing.

Just as you began becoming aware of this world you live in you were aware that this "Play of Life" has a set of rules.

The imaginary rules of the play:

  • All things (including thoughts) are divided into two categories, one category is labeled as "good", the other is labeled as "bad", if you do something good you "gain" an imaginary point and therefore have the right to feel good about yourself (you get to show a better mask), if you do something bad you "lose" an imaginary point therefore should beat yourself the fuck up (causing what is labeled as low self esteem).
  • There are a set of expectations put on your imaginary mask called self, you are expected to achieve certain goals, the mask must reach an imaginary goal called perfection/fulfillment.
  • The mask called you inevitably goes through phases of development, physically it's the process of childhood through adolescence through adulthood, fading out into old age and eventually death (the end of the play). Mentally you get educated first, then start a job, if your job is say a mechanic, depending on how good you play the role of mechanic you get payed, so you could be able to eat, drink, and sleep and enjoy imaginary indulgences and unnecessary luxuries.  
Newsflash: HELLO!!!! There's nothing but a false you.
There is nothing but a false role, a false job, false friends, false money, false (enter false label here).

In reality there is no such a thing as a you playing out life, that is a lie!

What you call your life is nothing but a make believe playground, what you call your personality as actually a role you play, you're just pretending as if you actually exist, but you don't, look!

And THAT was the birth of the ego, the mechanism of thought that is just a projection of the mind served as a role playing an imaginary character to take party in the illusory playground called the Play of Life.

No wonder people are all miserable and fucked up, society is based on that lie.

Suffering occurs when you are so identified with the false role that your playing that you start to think that it's actually real, that there is an actual you in existence, but there isn't, and that personality exists as an illusion.

Just look at it honestly, you can see it in the way we cover up our bodies in threads we call clothes, and the funny thing is we think that these clothes have actual value, they put price tags on them for fucks sake, you pay  money to cover up your body.

It gets worse though, in religion it's actually "bad" to be naked in the playground, and you have been programmed to be ashamed to show the most basic form of your body to people, nudity, and we have to cover it up.

Role playing is always happening, it's happening right now, for example right now I'm playing the role of liberator, and you're playing the role of listener.

Liberation is seeing through the masks, not trying to stop them, nor trying to take the mask off, that isn't possible, if you try doing that you'd be playing another role, the role of removing the mask. It's simply seeing that the mask is just a hologram, it's not true, it's just an act, we're all just acting, none of what we think we are is true.

Illusion is your life as you know it, just as the alarm sets off and you wake up in the morning, you get up, get dressed, put your suit on, all ready to play the role of whatever your job is, after that's done, you might be having a boys night out, you wear your social mask, that huge fake smile, acting out, constantly.

The mechanism happens at home as well, whatever action you think you are doing is just fake.

The mechanism has been designed to survive as long as possible unseen for what it really is, it's the lie, once you are able to see it though (the truth that you don't exist) you'd see the fallacies, the falseness of it all, but mind you, it's very real, the falseness really does exist.

The labels we use to specify a certain thing is just to help us (the masks) to go about in life, I call the closet a closet just so I know how to refer this geometrical shaped thing that stores my clothes to other people, apply that to every other label we use.

It's to go on with this play, as if we really exist, story after story after story, the story is a story with a false content, the labels we put onto everything is just the mechanism of the ego to translate everything around "it" into the play language.

That's why a smoker finds it hard to quit, because he has been playing the role of "smoker" for quite a while now, and he doesn't want to let go of that act.

It's the mechanism of ego that's playing itself out, and the fact is there is nothing behind the masks we call selves, there is nothing controlling the thoughts, we go on through life, a fallacy after another, but what is the purpose? we ask, what is the meaning to all this?

The meaning is whatever the ego labels as meaning, because defining a meaning is just part of the story aint it?

The role of seeker, the role of lover, the role of friend, the role of drug addict, the role of child abuser, the labels, the attachments, they're all false, just part of the play we call Life.

Seeing the role playing as just role playing is freedom from suffering.

First, see the truth that there is no you in existence.

Second, see the truth from the fallacies, what is true is true, truth can't be something 1 second and be something else the other, truth is infinite.

All else is a lie, a mask, an illusion, call it whatever you want to call it.

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Friday, 9 September 2011

It's Just a Story

People have been making up imaginary stories for pretty much their whole lives, they make up stories that and believe them, without proof and without testing that through direct experience.

When people seek enlightenment, they think it's something weird, something that requires a special ability that no ordinary human has.

Quite on the contrary the only ability it requires is checking whether something exists or not, and it's an ability that every person has, except if that person was mentally retarded.

Everything that's set as a belief or concept in your life is not true, it only exists as a belief or concept, they have no substance in reality, other than the making of an imaginary story.

It's the story we have all accommodated to, this play of life that is unfolding every single waking moment, shaped out by our beliefs, thoughts and concepts.

There is no experience other than the experience of this body, of this mind and it's interaction with everything else.

What does the brain do? the brain unfolds the experience of reality, rather than there being complete nothingness. It translates what comes in through the five sense into thoughts that create an imaginary story called the story of "your" life.

You can't stop thought, there is no you controlling thought hence there is no "thing" creating this story, the belief that there is something creating this story is a belief, an illusion (imagination) that is part of the imaginary story.

What is liberation?

Seeing the story as it is, just a story.

All concepts and beliefs are just added layers to reality that are not true, mere abstractions, you can't grab a belief, you can't physically see nor physically (directly) experience a belief or concept, it's simply not possible, see for yourself.

There is no you in reality but still the brain pops up thoughts about one, I've tried it, I used to think that since I'm liberated these thoughts would suddenly disappear.

I have to admit that was really stupid.

I would be deluded to think that I can stop thought, there is no me to stop thought, since the thought of me stopping thought is just another thought about me.

But that's all it is, a thought, it doesn't really exist, it's just an imaginary story that plays out itself in life.

What's different now, is that things are really getting clearer, and all of the beliefs and concepts are being seen for what they really are, and all the beliefs I've held dearly and helplessly for my whole life are just appearing for what they really are.. An illusion.

Illusions do exist, they are very real, in fact, you can't stop illusion, if you think you can just snap your fingers and stop beliefs and concepts from popping up, then the truth is you are very deluded, you can't stop thought, you can't stop belief. You just see it for what it is, then it loses it's power, you then see reality, you are then free.

I want you to drop this term "enlightenment", I want you to see the reality of this, I want you to see that these words that you are reading right now are just translated into concepts, and they will remain concepts until you directly engage in reality, if you open your eyes and see the thought for what it is.

Life just is, it's the flow of this play, this play of life that's existing as an illusion, it's not hard to see that, it's just a play, and that character/personality that was labeled as you, what is that really? could it be just a fantasy? An illusion? That there was actually never a me? this was all just imagination?

Yes it was, and you will never be free until you find that out for yourself through direct experience.

Why do you suffer? because you think that illusion has substance, you think you exist, but the truth is that there was only the set of thoughts called you, but never an actual present "you"..

It's like when your playing a game, and you are so immersed in that game that you think it's actually happening, like when your character dies you think you've actually lost something in real life, but you haven't, it's just a game.

It's the same thing with belief, the belief of you is just a belief, suffering happens when you mistake that belief for actuality, you think that that belief is what is really happening, but it's not, there is nothing happening, it's all in your head.

Enlightenment doesn't stop the play, enlightenment puts you back to your natural state of seeing that it's just a play, experience doesn't suddenly stop, it never does, because that's how it's always been, and the play will keep on going.

Enlightenment/truth will stay as in illusion in your mind until you drop the bullshit and actually see the illusion.

Drop the belief that you have any substance in reality, you never did exist, all that ever existed was the idea of what it would be like if you did exist, and the reality of the matter is that you don't.

And as long as you turn your back on truth and act as if it isn't there, it'll keep slapping you in the face like a bitch, because it's the only thing worth seeing, truth.

Denial never did you any good? Did it?

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