Thursday, 27 October 2011

The End of Destructive Patterns

What exactly is liberation?

The mind and the body is an interconnected system which acts and reacts according to the surrounding environment, the five perceptions of the the body receive data which trigger certain brain responses, these brain responses are called thoughts.

Due to conditioning the brain has gotten accustomed to certain mind responses, creating an imaginary mask called the self, most of these mind responses go unquestioned, the thoughts are blindly assumed as truth and an imaginary distortion of reality occurs.

These thoughts are involuntary responses, just no more than patterns of thought triggered by perception, the belief that these thoughts have any truth in them is the base of delusion.

This imaginary distortion of reality is what causes suffering, suffering is not a bad thing, it's like an itch, when you feel your nose itching you automatically scratch it, though with suffering humans tend to hide from it, perpetuating it, the same way that if your nose is itching and you're ignoring it, it's just gonna itch more.

Liberation is diving in through all these automatic dead and compulsive thought patterns and seeing whether they have any truth in them, it's just seeing that there is nothing more that mental thought pattern playing like a tape, reality happens along with the perception of it, the buttons are pressed, the destructive mental processes are projected.

How to do it?

See that the so called Self is just the accumulation of automatic thought responses to the environment, the fact that you believe in a self is due to your conditioning since you were born, you most probably were never encouraged to see whether such a self exists or not.

The Self cannot exist, because it is just a triggered response, the self cannot be in charge of experience because experience is what triggered the thought response of a self, of "you".

You can't see through a thought pattern using a thought pattern, people tend to try to understand or analyse this, but understanding and analyzing are also triggered thought patterns.

What you can do is just see this thought pattern as it is.

For example: The brain assumes that the self is doing the reading of this page, because it's gotten used to thinking that way, that assumption is just the thought pattern repeating itself, over and over again.

Did you really cause the reading to happen? or was it an automatic response to perception?

What about life itself? is there anybody living life? or is life just simply happening?

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