Wednesday, 31 August 2011

It's What They Call "Consciousness"

You listen to all these spiritual gurus and most of what they talk about is the unified field of consciousness and that enlightenment is achieving cosmic oneness, bla bla bla...

Enlightenment is normal, it doesn't make you reach a divine state or anything, it's just seeing it the way it's always been, you know, just being honest.

Liberation to me has been very liberating indeed, it woke me up to reality, and ever since liberation there has been constant questioning of beliefs, every belief that arises there is an urge to find out whether the belief is true or not.

Turns out there is no such a thing as a belief actually existing in reality, it's just an added layer, just a story we play out, and there is no reason, no purpose for that story, since the purpose is just an added layer we add on top of what's really there.

There is no believer, just a generated belief.

Once you see that beliefs, concepts and ideas are just added layers on top of reality, shows the real fiction that exists as part of reality, fiction exists as fiction, reality exists just as reality.

It's just seeing the fiction as fiction, that's really liberating.

But a thought kept on popping up, the mind trying to "work out" what consciousness really is.

What I know for sure is what I am directly experiencing in life at this present moment, anything other than that is a real fiction created by the brain adding a fictional layer upon reality, the body reacts to the fiction if the belief is thought of as reality, which is limiting.

There is nothing other than this, cause let's face it, you cannot prove that anything exists other than what the body is aware of.

But awareness/consciousness has become overrated, and all the fucked up ways of talking about consciousness makes it seem as if it's something surreal, when actually it's not, it's pretty basic and normal.

What consciousness really is is your direct experience of life, since nothing other than that exists, you may have thoughts of something existing outside of it, but that is just a blind belief isn't it?

Don't take my word for it, is there anything being experienced other than what's being experienced right here right now?

The mind labeling, the existence of the five senses reflecting reality, the thoughts, the fictions, the beliefs, the concepts, everything, is being directly experienced now.

And nothing exists outside of the existence, it's impossible for something to exist outside of existence except non-existence, "the un-manifasted"

"There is only one consciousness" "life experiencing itself" what all that really means is that there is nothing outside your direct experience of life, there is no you, no other people, concepts are just additional layers added to reality, it's the minds made up story and it reacts to it automatically.

Now you won't be able to get this conceptually, if you think you've understood it, then your turning it into another belief, another real fiction.

You are already directly experiencing life, but it's not you, it's life, so there is nothing but life, directly experiencing life, right here, right now.

There is no purpose to it, there is no meaning, there is no cause, there is no good, bad, beginning, end, past, future, concepts just don't exist in reality, it's impossible, and check it for yourself, It's really freeing.

Stop reading those fucking books, stop feeding the idea of this, the idea of enlightenment, the idea of consciousness, stop feeding the idea, and look at reality, which is this present moment, right here, right now.

There is no you, just the concept of you.
There is no us, no them, just the concept of us, just the concept of them.
There is no cause, no beginning, no end, just the concepts.
There is no time, only the concept of it.
There is nothing but existence.

Life being what it already is, and it can't be conceptualized.

So how do you free yourself from the lie?

Just see if there is anything other than the experience, there is no experience-er, just the experience of the concepts that assume the existence of an experience-er.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Welcome To The Real World

You can't deny that you've felt like something's wrong with the world, like Morpheus said in the matrix film it feels like "a splinter in your brain". Something is not right and it's causing you unwanted pain and misery that you can't seem to get rid of.

You are living a lie, you live in a world enslaved by belief and superstition, how many times have you seen people helplessly put there hands out praying to the sky, hoping that there would be a savior, a savior that would free them from their misery.

It's ironic really.

There is no savior, nobody can help you, because that is the problem, the problem of belief, the belief of self.

Now I invite you to take a look at reality, and it's right here, you don't have to go anywhere, you don't have to open a book or go search for it, reality is already happening now.

I want you to open your eyes, I want you to wake up. And it's not gonna be a happy trip.

It's just that, you have been a slave to belief your whole life, a slave to what you think is right and wrong, a slave to society and a slave to religion.

Don't you think it's enough? Don't you think it's time you saw the truth? Don't you think it's time to live honestly and truthfully?

If you really want this, I'll help you see it.

Forget what you've been told, I am inviting you to use your own eyes, your own experience to see what is real and what isn't.

The person that is reading this right now is not an actual person, that's just a lie.

It's a brain, connected to a body, and that brain projects images and visualizations called thoughts. The body is directly engaging reality through the five senses, the brain interprets the senses and projects a model of what is being experienced in order to function.

The brain uses labels (also projections) to make sense out of what's going on, to make sense of the input, and automatically projects the model (output) which suits best.

Take the reading of these words as an example, the eyes "see" the words automatically producing the input as electrical signals sent to the brain, the brain interprets these signals, and labels them accordingly in order to "make sense" out of them, creating the "understanding" of these words as a projected model for what is there.

Now that happens not only when reading, it is happening all of the time, when your at work, when you go for a jog in the morning, when you look at anything anywhere, the mind just labels, categorizes, stores, just to add to it's gigantic library of information called "knowledge".

That's where labeling comes from, and a label in itself is just a layer added on top of what really is there, and that's ok as long as the thing being labeled exists.

Now imagine the cookie monster.

What happened here is that the brain projected an image of what the cookie monster might look like, the brain doesn't know for sure what the cookie monster is, because the cookie monster does not exist in reality, it's just a label that doesn't belong to an actual thing, that's what's called "imagination".

The input the brain had in order to project an image of the cookie monster was not a direct experience of the actual cookie monster, but the input were these words "now imagine the cookie monster."

And that is what belief is all about, trying to make sense out of shit that doesn't really make sense.

Take the belief of God for example, anything about god only exists in your imagination, since there was never a direct experience of god, therefore "God" is a label for something that doesn't really exist, it's just an imagination.

When the brain blindly "assumes" that God exists, and believes that assumption, then that belief is treated as if it has some real substance in reality, as if it is as real as what is directly experienced at the moment.

It's these blind assumptions that are the basis of delusion, and the cause of unwanted misery and helplessness, since you can never control your thoughts, you can never control these labels that just pop up, you can only honestly look at a belief and see whether it has an real substance to it in reality or not.

The self is a belief adapted by humanity for some reason since history began, and it has never been questioned, if you look at this honestly, you will see that the self has no basis in reality whatsoever, it's just the imagination of the brain, it's just the brain endlessly trying to label something that doesn't exist.

The thought or label called (you) exists, but the question is, does the thing being labeled exist in reality?

Or was that all just imagination? Just mere speculation?

Now that's enlightenment for you.

Welcome to the real world ;)

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Saturday, 6 August 2011


Now this subject is something that is a cause of fear for a big lot of people, most of them don't know what's going to happen, others create fancy stories about what might happen about death, and others ofcourse, depend on religion to give them the answers to their questions regarding death.

You have to remember that the lie is a well developed mechanism, it has to survive so it hates the idea of death, the idea that there will be a time when there will be absolutely nothing, nothing at all, and that shit scares you, scares the lie, you are afraid of death, you are afraid of truth.

You might be wondering how come I am relating death with truth, well because of the simple fact that death is a symbol for non-existence, and non-existence means the same with you, so in other words, you are afraid of death, because you are afraid of the truth, and that truth is that you don't exist.

It's not only about death mind you, it's not the only thing you are afraid of, you are afraid of many things also, but death is a major thing you tend to avoid, you hate looking it in the eye, because actually looking at it in the eye would mean the end of you, there is no you, you never existed, it's that realisation, and death reminds you that there is no such thing as a you living.

Actually death reminds us that nobody really is alive, there is just life, but no actual people that live, death is truth, because if you look at it, there is just life living, and nobody is alive to experience it.

There is just the experience in the sense that everything happens on its own, life exists, life is existant now, but there is nothing that is outside of it, whatever would be thought of as outside of life is non-existant.

Death is scary because it's the death of an idea you've hold on to so long in your life, you are afraid to face the fact that there is nothing there, there is nothing inside experiencing what is outside, there is nothing behind the experience experiencing it, it's all been imagination.

Seperation from life is impossible.

You cannot exist.

And you were never alive in order to die, you never existed at all.

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Knowing Is An Illusion

After being liberated I've always had times when the thoughts of self would take over again, it would be easy to see through though, all it takes is just one look at reality.

I found out though that the sense of self is usually accompanied by a sense of knowing, or certainty.

It's when the mind goes backs into it's old "normal" routine.

When the mind is programmed by a lie for a very long time, it usually takes time till the mind adjusts to reality; it had never had a real glimpse of it before.

But I found a way that could help anchoring people in liberation.

It's seeing through the illusion of knowing, and understanding, since both knowing and understanding are just layers added ontop of what is uknown to the mind, just to give the mind a sense of certainty, so it could start testing shit around.

There is no such thing as certainty, there is no such a thing as knowing.

Did  you know that you were going to the read these words right here at this moment? Did you know that you were going to think this instant thought right now? Do you even know what's going to happen the next second before it actually happens?

Where is certainty?

The mind has a big fear, a fear of uncertainty, mayhem, non-control.

But the reality is, you don't know anything, you don't know anything with 100% certainty.

Because there is no such thing as 100% certainty, there is no such a thing as certainty at all. Check for yourself.

If there was such a thing as knowing, then life would collapse in an instant.

Look at your hands for example, usually when you look at your hands, it's accompanied by a sense of knowing, knowing that this is a hand.

But did you ever know that you were going to to have that sense of "knowing?"

You might of never thought of this, but you would have never known that the hand existed before having a thought that it existed? the knowing of it's existance implies that there was something there before the thought happening that "knew" that it was going to happen.

In actual reality, knowing is nothing, reality is always unfolding in this present moment, and there is no certainty to it, there is nothing behind it, it is happening right now, and the truth is, there is no such a thing as actually knowing why it happens, or how.

So check for yourself, as a thought arises, ask yourself if you ever knew that that thought would arise now, ask yourself if you ever knew that the reading of this words would occur now, ask yourself if you ever honestly knew anything.

For the knowing to exist then the knowing of the knowing must be possible. It isn't. Because you could never have actually known that this sense of knowing would occur.

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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Everything is NOT ok

I'm jumping headfirst into this.

People are fucked up, alright that's obvious enough.

But what really sickens me are those people that are actually liberated, which means that they are actually free from the human condition, they are free from all the bullshit that enslaved humanity for centuries and millenia.

And what do they do?

They masturbate peace and love all over their sad existence up a mountain top somewhere.

And if they do come down for a day or two, they just talk ABOUT liberation. They don't actually tell you HOW.

You know something, I've always thought that these people had some secrets to tell, and that they were hiding them, as if they knew some secret that could turn a man into God.

Turns out they weren't hiding shit, they just didn't bother.

They found out the key to the end of human suffering, and all they ever did about it was nothing, nothing at all.

Now that's fucked up.

Those people that always talk about how life is all about love, that your real "self" is happiness, innocence. That's really misleading, that is just a load of crap.

Life is not about love.

You gotta be realistic here, because everything is not ok, people are suffering, and they are accepting it, they are imprisoned in chains, and they say that it's "ok".

It's not.

It's not ok to surrounded by lies everywhere, it's not ok to live in a world where people depend on belief rather than truth.

It's not ok to suppress feelings of hatred and anger, just to contribute to the notion of "spreading peace and love everywhere", that's not life.

I mean the people that are dug in so deep in their bullshit that they can't see out yet, at least they have an excuse (they're still douchebags though).

But those who are ACTUALLY free! They just ignore it all, and escape to live in solitude, those are who I hate, with every part of my being, there is nothing from me but pure hate towards them.

Telling unliberated people that everything is ok and that what they are is love and peace, is actually prepetuating the lie, it's blinding them from seeing that they're entrapped in bullshit, it's a lovely pink and fluffy (cool feeling) viel that covers their eyes from truth.

There is no such thing as "only love". No such thing.

Honestly, I have thought about it, I considered just saying "fuck it all" and live my life, and not give a damn about anyone.

But I won't, I can't, I can't just see people living lies all around me and not give a fuck, I can't see people so entrenched in suffering that they can't find a way out and just say "oh well, that's life".


Fuck no.

That shit sickens me, and being liberated doesn't mean that my soul purpose now on earth is to live in exstatic bliss.

It's not something that HAS to happen, no.

This post is a message.

To the unliberated: Liberation is not about love, happinness and constant joy. No, it's about complete honesty, the honesty that cuts through the lies like a razor sharp blade, and leaves nothing but truth, it's about freedom, the words "the truth will set you free" never seemed so truer.

The X that marks the spot are those three words "there's no you".

All it takes is stripping it down to the core, see that there simply is no you, and you're done searching, forever.

To the liberated that don't give a shit: You don't care, you don't give a shit, you prefer to live in standby watching the human race fuck itself over and over again constantly expanding the hell that has become their existence. You are worthless.

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Monday, 1 August 2011

Nothing Other Than Reality

You know when you've just been in a fight, and it feels like the fight still hasn't ended, and the thoughts about the fight consume you so much that you can't think about anything but the fight?

Or when your girlfriend breaks up with you, and after that all you could think of was that, you were so much in your thoughts that you believed they were real.

You believed the thoughts were real.

Once a situation ends, it ends, it has no existence in reality after it ending, what is left though are the body and the thoughts, thoughts are projected from the mind as something real.

The thoughts also give the impression that they are real, and the body has the impression that that is really happening at the present moment.

"He punched me in the face really bad."
"How could she do this to me?"
And so on.

The thoughts give the illusion that they are real so much that they become your reality.

Yes, the thoughts take over, and you can't see anything but these thoughts and you react accordingly.

Ofcourse your gonna read what I say and maybe remember some past experience when that had happened, and start nodding your head agreeing.

But here's your homework:
Check it out in your actual experience of life, when any such a thing happens, see how the thoughts take over, just out of nowhere, and they suddenly become your reality.

I really want you to see this, that thoughts take over, they become the lens in which reality is seen through.

You got into a fight.
The fight ended.

Once the fight ended in reality, there is no fucking fight anymore, no fight, just thoughts that give the illusion that it hasn't ended yet.

Now it just gives the illusion, what it's suggesting is actually false.

This is identical to some other thoughts.

You see some thoughts suggest something that's really happening in reality, and you see whether a thought is true or not by actually looking in reality, see what's actually going on.

The mind likes fucking around.

It's designed that way, it fucks around till it adapts a lense that is suitable for the surrounding environment at the PRESENT MOMENT.

The problem is when the mind really fucks it all up, and makes up shit that really doesn't exist, and believes it's own mess.

What the mind does is that it sketches up it's own model of reality, to test shit, to examine, to theorise, to think of, to understand and whatnot.

 And there's nothing wrong with that, I mean it's cool, that's how mathematics came out, and that's how language, science and technology popped up.

It's the cognitive part of the brain, that works shit out, just as a projection.

It's cool, and it's not disabling, as long as it is seen that it is JUST a PROJECTION.



Things get outa control though.

When the mind believes thoughts (projections), that's where delusion comes in.

It's dishonesty, honesty is the same as truth, the same way that truth is the same as reality. If you are currently believing the false projected model of reality that the mind has produced as real. Then you are dishonest, deluded and a slave.

I'm not pointing fingers here, I'm just being honest.

And anyways check for yourself, who knows, I might be phschitzophranic.

As you blindly believe the false reality that's being projected by the mind, your view of reality is obscured, you don't really see well.

You are not actually sane.

Whatever the mind throws you attach yourself to it and believe it so much that it becomes everything. It gives the illusion that it has actually become your reality.

Concepts seem so real.
Beliefs seem so real.
Thought in general seems so real.

They're not really. They are just models, I repeat, models of reality.

Scraped and sculptured masterfully.

A mastered illusion. A fake reality.

Liberation is seeing through all of that, seeing through the illusion of the mind. You could call it "Maya" or whatever, I really don't know what they call it these days. I honestly don't give a fuck though.

So how do you see through the illusion?

It's no rocket science really, there is no "mysticism" in it. It is a not a supernatural power to be able to see through illusion.

Thoughts are always being projected, as long as you are conscious the mind is always at work.

Just test the thought. The best label I would be able to put right now to describe the process is mental strip searching.

If what the thoughts points to is true it would point to something that actually exists in reality.

If what they point to however doesn't exist in reality, then the thoughts are false, and they are only there in consciousness just for the sake of being there, nothing more, nothing less.

Now you gotta be really ruthless with this, because you are already assuming shit without noticing it.

You gotta be completely honest about your assumptions, you already have many assumptions about life.

You may assume that life is seperate, that some things are independent on other things and don't depend on anything in their external environment.

The same assumptions of there being seperate entities living seperate lives.

Beliefs, assumptions. The list goes on and on till who knows when.

You test these assumptions, you strip search them for truth. Is there such a thing as seperate lives?

In your current reality, is there anything other than this present moment? Is there such a thing as something existing outside it?

The situation humans are now in is the belief of blind assumptions like that.

Thought usually implies that there is something outside this current moment, something MORE, the mind always thinks there is something more.

But is that true?

Test it, I'm not doing your homework for you, I'm not feeding you this, I'm teaching you how to fish.

So don't take what I say as truth, you have to see truth for yourself, in your eyes, because truth is right here.

Moving on.

There is an assumption that there is some entity behind this body experiencing the thoughts and having a personal experience with everything around it.

The very same assumption assumes that it exists and therefore hopelessly clings on to anything actually real and attaches the label of "self" to it in order to give the sense of reality needed to create an illusion.

Now is that true?

Is there something actually behind this doing this? Or is this just an illusion.

Do you exist? Or are you just a belief?

You know something, you can always turn your back and swim in your ocean of bullshit.

But reality will eventually smack you out of it.

It's now or never.

Break the chains.

Be free.

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