Wednesday, 25 January 2012


There are loads of misinterpretations of what consciousness really is.

Consciousness is not really who you are, consciousness is already what is, the misconception of what consciousness really is is from believing that "you" are consciousness.

Nope that is not the case, consciousness already is life, it already is everything, everything around you is consciousness.

That's what every enlightened person says though, because it's easy to see from the outside looking in, as for people that are still not free, it's quite a challenge to actually "understand" it.

And ironically, the "trying to understand it" is what's stopping you from actually seeing it. But it's pretty simple.

 The reason for all that confusion about consciousness is because the material that's actually presented about it is led to be accepted as true without actually verifying it yourself in your actual experience of life.

Seeing consciousness as it really is means seeing the self as false, once you see that there is actually no self what's left? Consciousness being conscious of itself.

Or in in other words, life being conscious of itself as life. God being conscious of himself as god, whatever label you choose, it's the same experience.

And that's what matters, actually experiencing it, not just accepting it as true, that's not what this is about.

Accept NOTHING as true, nothing you think is true is actually true, what's true is already true and there is no need for a thought to prove it.

There is no self in control of life neither there is a self behind consciousness, once that's seen then it's just life happening, consciousness simply being conscious, it doesn't need anything to be conscious, it's already there.

It doesn't mean that "you" are conscious, you is just an irrelevant label to what it actually is, some people call it god, some people call it nature, some people prefer to call it consciousness, some people just say it's just life.

The thing is consciousness is just a label to what the thing actually is, and you can't reach that meaning through imagination of what it might be, that'll just take you further from experiencing the truth which these mere labels express. Life just happening no controller no nothing, just a consciousness being conscious of it.

Don't blindly believe these words, that's not the point whatsoever, examine it, don't try to understand it, just dig through the fat layer of bullshit and just look through, if there is no me, then what is actually happening?

That's what you ask yourself, "if there is no me, then what the fuck is actually happening?"

All it takes is just asking yourself that question and using honesty, honesty meaning letting go of all the bullshit  you've been fed like a slave and seeing the truth, letting go of the conditioning and focusing on what's here now, that's the kind of honesty that's needed.

"Unity consciousness", it's not what the name really says, it's just seeing that there are no selves, there is just life happening, all the people you've ever known are just masks, they're just subconscious actors living out what they think as "their role" in life. Forget about people, forget about everything and just see what it is I'm trying to make you see.

There is no you being conscious, there is just conciousness.. The same as
There is just life, no you living life.. Or
There is no dreamer, just the dream.

Whatever floats your boat, it's not about the words, it's about the experience.

It's not the strengthening of the mask you're searching for, it's not the lies you're searching for, what you're really searching for is here now and all it takes is just let go of all the heavy luggage you've been carrying for quite a while. let go of the bullshit and look at it.

There is no person being conscious, there is only consciousness/god/my ass being conscious.

Fuck the pointers, focus on what they're pointing at.

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Leave The Damn Thing

I really don't know what to write in this post.

But I do know this, it's time that people woke up.

Right know people are in chains, and they have every ability to remove these chains but they choose not to, I would ask why but I already know the answer.

It's fear.

Fear is the only roadblock between you and eternal freedom, it's the only thing that's keeping you lying to yourself waiting for a supreme being to bestow his divine blessings upon you, the thing that keeps you saying "someday I'll be free.. someday".

No, not someday, now, that is where freedom exists, reality.

I don't blame you though, you've been programmed to think in a certain, destructive way, and you don't know how to decode the program.

Why is it that you became a slave to thought? Aren't you sick and tired from running around all day and night just for a sense of approval? A sense of self worth? Hasn't that tired you out enough? Why have you surrendered to beliefs of what should or shouldn't be? What is and isn't?

The prison of humanity has a door which is wide open, but humanity just gets so close to the door and runs back shivering from fear. They are so afraid from the punishment they might receive from actually crossing the door, they'd be labeled as different, weird, crazy, they're afraid that they'll be unwanted after they're free.

But once you're free it won't matter to you, at all, it will be actually natural, you won't need to keep up that false image anymore, so it wouldn't matter what people think of you, who would they be judging? You? Who?

Whoever says that you are good or bad, right or wrong, fat or thin, cute or ugly, is just judging you based on what has been accepted as the "norm", it's what has been blindly accepted but not verified, whoever that person is, he doesn't really know you, he never knew you.

That's the thing, nobody really knows you, and at the same time you really don't know anybody, so what's approval gonna bring you anyway, what is it that's being approved? The lie?

The lie that's been injected into your brain? the lie that has no ground in reality whatsoever? the false story?

Think for yourself, leave all that bullshit behind, you don't need approval, you don't need to increase your self worth, because that's all a false expression anyway, it's all false, get it? It's a joke, there's no you, never was, and never will be.

You don't need to defend, you don't "need" to do anything, just life being.

Life is infinite, because this moment is infinite, it never ended and never began, you will only be able to see that once you are able to see truth, not fallacy, and you do that by taking the mask off and denying everything you thought of as true.

Deny everything and everyone, I'm talking about everything here, everything you believe in, everything you've been taught as true in school, what your parents told you what your friends told you, every single thing.

Just throw it all away and take that chance, throw all that false bullshit behind and just move on and never look back, whenever you're feeling afraid, ask yourself what are you afraid of, this is truth we're talking about and you'll never get there if you're sitting in a corner biting your nails.

Once that's done, once the lie's been seen as it is, then the mask disintegrates, and what's beneath is what is true. That nothingness.

Seeing the non-existence of the self and the actual existence of life is the most freeing experience. 

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