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- What is liberation?
Liberation is the end of bullshit. It is truth.
It is the seeing that there is no you.
There is no you thinking, just thought.
There is no you experiencing, just experience.
There is no you living, just life.
That is truth.

- How can I see that I don't exist?
Investigate, if you want to find whether something is true or not, what do you do?
You look. (no shit)

So let's say you have a thought, and you think that there is a giant mushroom in your living room, you don't just believe that do you?

No, you go into the living room, and check to see if there is really a giant mushroom in your living room.

Now you think that you actually exist, that you control your thoughts and that you do the doing, that you are the cause of the effect.

What you've done your whole life is just blindly believe that, without actually checking to see if it's true or not. The same way you'd just blindly believe that there is a giant mushroom in your living room, without actually looking.

You see? That's how the cookie crumbles.

You always thought you existed, now just don't blindly believe that, look for your"self", is there such a thing as an actual you in reality?

- What does the thought "me" mean then?
In reality the thought "me" does not point to a self, there is no actual self seperate from reality that does shit.

If you look at it, you'll see that the thought "me" points to nothing, it's just something used in language to indicate a certian feeling or for the body to communicate a certain thought.

For example the thought "I am hungry" does not mean that the self is hungry (there is no self to be hungry), what the thought really means is that "there is hunger".

- If I don't exist, then what is it that moves the body? Thinks thoughts? Etc..
 What is it that's making you read this?

Now just take notice of how the reading is just occuring, there is no control in reading, reading is a process not unlike all other processes that happen without a self controlling it.

Your breathing, your heart beat, you are not doing that, they all just happen, there's no you in that.

Just observe the current moment, this current moment is happening without a cause that caused it and without a purpose that drives it.

You never existed, there is no you thinking, just the thoughts.
There is no you moving the body, just the body moving.

- What about free will?

Yeah, there is no such thing.

- But there is still a feeling of me existing, there is still an identification with "me", what should I do?
There was never a you to identify with, there was never a you to exist.

There is just existence, feelings, thoughts, emotions, bullshit, clarity, love, life, hate, anger, and the list goes on and on and on.

But there's no you anywhere.

- What does liberation feel like?
I could describe the top of the mountain to you, but that wouldn't be the actual mountain summit, just the description of it. What a fuckin distraction.

See the summit for yourself, then you will know what it's like.

Also, liberation isn't a place to "reach", or a state to be in, it is just simply seeing reality as it is.

You already don't exist so all you have to do is see it.

- How would I know I'm liberated?
 When you don't need to ask that question.

There is no you. Look.

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