Now forget about all the bullshit you've been fed. Liberation is simple.

It's as simple as seeing simplicity, it's simpler than the concept of simplicity.
It is the seeing of a concept as a mere concept.

First of all, it's not about "becoming" nothing, or emptiness, or whatever.
It's more freeing than that, it is the freedom of "being" not "becoming".

Now let's take a really simple approach to this.

There are things that exist, and things that don't (no shit).
Things that exist are found and experienced in reality.
Things that don't exist, are not found in reality. They are nothing, not even the concept of nothing, but nothing in a way that the mind can't grasp it, the mind cannot grasp nothing, since the mind always thinks of "something", nothingness cannot be experienced. Something that doesn't exist can't be experienced.

What is liberation? SEEING that the self doesn't exist.
Never existed, hence doesn't exist now, hence it will never exist.

Who do you think you are as a self? you see yourself as the experiencer, the thinker and the controller of the mind and body (that is if you are not liberated yet).

That is ASSUMED,
blindly ASSUMED.

But if you look at it, you believed that the assumption is the self.
Yes, you have assumed all of your life that "you" exist.

Let's continue in a step-by-step procedure:

Thoughts are part of the experience, they arise and go according the current moment passing, thoughts arise effortlessly and cannot be grasped, and cannot be controlled.

Watch thought, it just rises without any kind of control, almost everything you think you are is thought.
You are not thought.

A "you" in thought would suggest that there is something in thought, controlling it, which is "you"
Now attempt to control thought. It is impossible. Therefore there is no such a thing as you being thought.

There are thoughts that appear that say "but I am me" or "who else is experiencing this?".
Don't deny thoughts like that, check if it's true, let the thought lead you to what it is pointing at.

Allow the thoughts to lead to a self, this is important, this is the most part of this process, this is the part where honesty comes in.

If a self really exists, then the thoughts will point at something real.

"I am the body/mind":
Alright, now lets cut this to the core.

Realisticly speaking, there is a body and mind, the body and mind are one thing.
The mind is thought, what is experienced as thought is simply just the mind working.
The body reacts to thought, the body isn't alive without the mind, therefore the mind and body are the same organism.

Is that me?


Lets make sure, if the body/mind is you, then you can control it, you can have influnce on it, and you can turn off thoughts/ emotions/ bodily sensations and control them at will.

But you can't.

In fact, the simple act of breathing, is not done by a you, it is simply happening without effort, the same as your heart beat.

"But I can move my limbs at will".
How did the will arise? did you create the will to move your hand?
So what are you then?

"I am consciousness":
Now let's cut this one down as well.

Is there a you anywhere in consciousness?
When a thought arises there is a consciousness of the thought.
But how does that make it you?

There is no controlling of the consciousness, the consciousness just happens, just try opening the door, and instantly see how the room just appears, on it's own, and how the consciousness of that room appears, on its own as well.

Consciousness just IS. there is no you anywhere in consciousness. Then still, the question arises, what are you?

"I am nothing"
You see what's happening there? you assumed that the "Self" is nothing.
Where is the fucking self in order to be nothing?
There is nothingness, but there is no self, anywhere. It never existed.

Actually what you did is made nothing into a concept, saw that "nothing" had some attributes that could fit in to create a thing that you thing is the self.

There is not such thing as the concept of nothing, actual nothing is non-existence, or like ekchart tolle says "the unmanifested"

What that means is that there was never such a thing as a self.
The concept of a self is not a real self since it is just merely a concept.
An actual self is non-existant, never was such a thing in existence as a self.

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